The idea of this blog

The aim of this little blog is to document my learning path with Ruby programming and write a bunch of tutorials  for anyone wanting to learn along.

My approach is going to be very practical project oriented.

My conviction is that anyone can learn to program.

I started to program with max in 1996. After that I learned some javascript, actionscript and it did not stop there.. I been bothering my head with some c++, Java, php, linux bash and lately Python.
So I figure that now is time for Ruby. One selling point for Ruby, they say, is that it makes a programmer happy. Sounds appealing.. Another is of course Rails. But I’m going to start with stuff that I used to use Python for. Web scraping and files administration.

Here we go.

About learnprogramruby

My name is Jukka Ylitalo. I live in Finland Helsinki metropoly area. I'm a philosophy major, media artist and a travelling lecturer on "digital design". At the moment one of the things I want to do is to learn program ruby.
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